Is our education system modern as well as practical enough to eliminate unemployment, and thus poverty?

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”If we are to make any real, speedy and substantial progress, we must earnestly tackle this our educational policy and program on the lines suited to the genius of our people, consonant with our history and culture


Had we pondered over the following statement Pakistan would’ve now been witnessing a substantial progress in its education system. Quite the contrary the education system of Pakistan has ever since been neglected and the result is what the nation is harvesting today. Harsh negligence from the government has made it obsolete and in an era where every country strives to make its education system par excellence ours remains obsolete and tarnished.


Education has always played an integral part in fostering every individual’s growth mentally and physically but if left unattended becomes obsolete like other things do. Same is the condition our education system has been witnessing from a couple of decades.  The substandard governance and lack of revision keeps it far beyond modernism that automatically doesn’t make it practical enough to make us student run parallel with other international students in this fast paced world.


Every forgoing process in a country is a result of its domain. Currently Pakistan faces a severe set back in its employment sector that has soared levels of poverty in our state. Problem related to poverty and unemployment mushrooms from the very root cause when education is not catered among every native of a country. As a result the deprival of education in nearly 80% of Pakistanis clearly indicates that this aspect is barely bothered by the implementing authorities.


In our country the education level is distributed among five divisions i.e. primary, middle, high schooling, intermediate and university education. Mournfully none of them receives its share of importance. Our government allots 2.5% of it total budget for the education sector as a result the money allotted to it fails to meet the needs of any level.


There are a large number of schools found in Pakistan. But a large number of them are based upon 2-3 buildings with numerous children stuffed in every section of every class. The teacher in turn fails to pay importance to their students in particular. It is in these initial days cognitive, social and emotional developments begin to form roots in a child. These deficiencies are exposed in the latter period of a student’s life that results in shy and uncompetitive students. A student already deprived of basic psychological needs when enters the middle and high school is exposed to books written decades ago. Regretfully the students are enforced to waste their potential studying and learning the matter contained. The same phenomenon is continued till the intermediate level. Further more, since the examination questions are selected solely from the text books this enforces the students for rote learning thereby preventing them going through other subject related books or surfing on the net. This might prove detrimental for our students because when a mind stops learning facts meaningfully it stops asking questioning and eventually stops learning and thinking rationally.


Our education syllabus seems to be poorly designed and provides students with limited variety when it comes to opting subjects during high school examinations. This limits every student’s thinking capabilities to subjects like physics, chemistry, biology and computer sciences. As a result their mind finds it difficult to adjust to abrupt changes when choosing subjects at university levels.


The poor examination conductance and poor invigilation by the teachers have worsened the situations. Children belonging from strong feudal or other political background by their unlawful sources makes cheating common and moreover the quota system have over shadowed the potential of well deserving students due to such acts. Thus at the end of the day the poor, irrespective of his/her hard work fails to achieve his goal because of the system is corrupted to this great extent. More over the poor scholarship program for the well deserving students hinders many well of their rightful share to attain knowledge who are unable to afford it. Apparently, in our country the sole cause of such deteriorating education system is the power of money that has ruined many careers.


The standard universities in our countries are either too expensive to afford for a normal middle class man or too ill standardized that after getting admitted in it one feels their money is going in vane.


Issuing fake degrees, a trend every aware of, to our leaders and those governing us clearly depicts the helplessness of our education system. A very famous news were reported when PM Gillani’s son Moosa Gilani was found having a fake B.A. degree. Such an education system that stands no determinism on the hands of powerful people rules out any chance of curbing unemployment thus poverty.


In a society where unlawful earnings soar heights and system functions on the say of the rich here education fails to curb any kind of poverty or employment related issues.


Considering all the above opinions facts and figures our education system is deeply flawed from its root levels as a result it has mushroomed into a further weak system that stands no parallel with other education system of other countries. Moreover it has been further tarnished by the lack of governance. The countries that gained independence after Pakistan are abreast us due to their strong education system.


Our education system can be altered only if the budget is elevated from 2% to 10%. Only then can each level be given its due share. The teachers can then be given proper salaries that will retain their interest in teaching students. If the reparation is done right from the grass root level then we can reassure ourselves for a stiff education system which will produce competent and aspiring students.