Earth Quake 2013

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aaj aae yaad mujhey roz-e-qayamat ki
jab jhanjoora gaya mayrey a’a-maal ko 

sab sey aagey barh jaun yeh sooch mujhey chalate
aaj apna he koi amal baaqe na thaa zikar karney ko

chand lamho main he dil ne yaad keya os rab-e-kainaat ko
jisey sajdey main dhoondh ti thee har namaaz main

hun Khuda sey milney ko taiyaar ya ab bhi duniya bananey main hu masroof
batlaya mujhey chand lamho nay aaj

aaj aaye yaad mujhey roz-e-qayamat ki
jab jhanjoora gaya meyrey a’aa maal ko



Wedding bells ♥

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Lets mark the beginning

Of  the end

Left behind

We did spent


More than happy

So am I

No more wishes

Left to ply


Our unspoken smiles

Filled the space

We longed for

In that haze


Your glance at me

Makes me shy

I tend to laugh

At the people’s wry


The affection we share

Comforts me

That I show

with my unique glee


Let the winds around

Make the time sway

So we make this moment precious

In our very special way


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