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Fashion that start intense and stays intense

Teachers across DHA reveal their fashion secrets. Be ready to welcome fashion in your world as they guide you with their expert fashion tips. With fashion tips so perfect that all eyes will be on you.

Get ready as we will now be unlocking their preferred brands, where do they buy their accessories from and the wow factor that makes them stand out among all!

MA’AM NEHDIA’S TALE: I, no more than 20 minutes, spend time getting my self all done for college.  When it comes to adorning my self with clothes Sana Safinaz, Bareeze and Arooshi are all what I prefer and since they are all ready I just have to get it stitched by my tailor. She plans to wear subtle colors like peaches, light blues, pinks this summer. Gucci and Coach have always topped my priority when it comes to handbags. Shiseido in cosmetics gives me a natural radiant look. A lipstick is all what I carry in my purse when it comes to cosmetics. With all-shoes is her one pre-requisite which she feels her dress code is incomplete without.

Suggesting her students she prefers every girl should be fond of good fashion. Dress up what suits you best, most importantly wear fine makeup.

She admires her mother the most when it comes to fashion and rates herself an average fashion person.


MA’AM SADAF’S BEST KEPT SECRET: For me it’s all about looking beautiful and pleasing. I always try to bring new things to the table. I spend nearly 12-15 minutes on all what it takes to get ready for college. Her dressing style depicts her fondness towards good clothes and classy accessories. I prefer wearing Khaadi, Threads- the duo has always topped my likeness. For her a proper ironed neat dress completes her outlook and avoids leaving home without it.

She was attired in a Khaadi dress with a subtle golden Guess wrist watch and Gul Ahmed’s sassy yellow handbag where as her slippers were from Tree Foot Wear. She designs herself. At most she carries a couple of lip glosses in her bag during college hours. She plans to wear light pastel colors for upcoming summer.

Her style statement is all about carrying herself well, and getting dressed up according to the place or event she is in, in a way that affirms her personality explicitly everywhere.

She suggests girls to look neat and clean in college, and wear light color glosses and smell good.

According to her, in order to show variety one needs a constant and for her she feels is keeping myself up-to-date with the latest trends and fashions.

MA’AM SANA’S FASHION ANALYSIS: ma’am Sana says it all revealing her fashion secrets. Spending no more than 20 minutes to get ready, she leaves for college.  Fresh faced and dressed in Khaadi kurta  kolapuri’s from Uzma , with Guess’s watch around her wrist and a bag from Big Buddha’s creation hung perfectly on her hand. Her usual bag to college is filled with a wallet, lip gloss, keys, some pens, grocery bills and her phone.

She considers herself a not-too-brand conscious and prefers anything that appeals and appears blending to her taste. Nevertheless prefers Khaadi and Ego selectively and clinique’s mineral make-up according to her blends well with her skin.

She tags, simple yet trendy as her fashion statement.

With an easy going fashionable life style she prefers ready to wear kurta and at times design her clothes too.

She considers her fashion incomplete until she wears her wrist watch.

When asked to suggest colors for summers she replied “lemonade” with a smile.

She rates herself one on one as she sincerely believes in her right of individuality because everyone has their own way of carrying themselves.


MA’AM NUDRAT’S VIGOUR FASHON LINE: MA’AM Nudrat’s start off with her working day by spending an exact of half an hour getting all set for college. Known for her rosy complexion that glows with a hint of pink and distinctive fashion sense all over the college ma’am nudrat consider herself no fashion obsessed and prefers all what appeals her be it a clutch from Sunday bazaar or a pair of heels from DA vinci. She loves accessorizing herself with lots of rings and considers her fashion incomplete without them.

Her fluffy bag holds in it a wallet, clips, cell phone, to do list and surprisingly no cosmetics and a number of hymns written on various paper card which according to her gives her a sense of spiritual well being. She possesses special love for Kaulapuris which she buys exclusively from Uzma. Counting on international and national brands for makeup, Max Factor and color studio tops her priority lists.

Her style statement emphasizes on standing out from rest of the crowd.

She suggested that every woman must dress, walk and talk according to her age as according to her these qualities get refined as she ascends her age. Expressing her love with pinks she says if a girl wants to look appealing she has to wear pink no matter what season it is! She looks up to her mother when it comes to fashion and  Rated herself 4 on 10 as she feels there’s always room for improvement.



A lady known highly for her versatility in teaching as well as fashion none other than Ma’am Bokhari talks about her fashion persona. She spends in total an hour getting all ready for college. Attired in her crown creation with shiny hair that lay freely on her shoulders she carried with her a rectangular pastel colored hand band that managed in it her credit cards, perfumes, bills and combs along with Prada glasses that rested above her head and wore a pair of heels from Charles and Keith. Makeup products from Lancome and Clinique have always been her preference and possess love for Cool Water and Sunflower when it comes to perfumes. She mentioned her deep inclination towards Sapphire and Emerald. She firmly believes that one should always stick to her individuality and try marveling more on what quality she has been granted by nature so that they can come up with a polished personality. Fond of clothing to such an extent she scrutinizes a dress well from its cuts to colors before buying it and suggests others to do so.

She emphasized that for a girl to look appealing she should possess excellent communication skills as it’s the inner personality that captivates others and sparkles an individual outlook. A girl should be confidant enough to face the world and she emphasized that grooming classes should now become a part of every college.

She looks up to Iffat Rahem when it comes to fashion. She denied rating herself in fashion as her fashion scale has no limitations and everyday has something new to go with.


This is all what our fashion police has to offer… and this is all what we have to say ..

An effort by me and my friend sara saleemthat was published in my college’s news letter.





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Prisoner Sanaullah…err? Fumbled half of my group friends, the thickening folds on their foreheads with the slight doubtful nod, gave me the notion that not even one could relate to what I planned to discuss today.

None could even relate to the current heightened LOC (line of control) tensions let alone of any single prisoner suffering at the hand of Indian jailers where Aleem and Rashida, Qateel who were tortured and killed respectively and handed over to Pakistan back late in 2008, can certainly not go unnoticed.

Being of the opinion that every individual should and must keep an eye on the political uprising of the country, to me it came up as amazement when hardly any could even recollect the slightest fact regarding any of those.

Despondently this is the case with not just my group mates but the entire youth where we are to busy to prod over such issues.

One can out rightly claim that the perceiving dimensions of our children have changed, in terms of evaluating the political and social scenario of our country.

On the one hand when Pakistan stands contended of being home to largest number of youth, according to UNICEF estimated around 35% of the entire population, the youth in turn exhibit the least concerned what mishaps and killing their people go through across their border.

On the contrary we see eminent news paper highlighting Indian students protesting on the main stream. Recently flocked in large numbers the students   expressing resentment on the rape of their female counterpart, preceding the protest held in Delhi where hundreds of them rose against the suicide bid of a private college student in Delhi and even are their young adults at par when expressing grieve concerns at their mate who recently got brutally hit by a javelin on his way to school.

Likewise, our problems are no different than ours, to what they come out for protests at, simply go unnoticed for us. Or many a times we express gloom with their immediate occurrence and the next moment we flip off our channel and continue with our left over serials.

The recent rape incidents, these killing in the name of honor-car accidents, teachers punishing their students to death and lot more are gaining grounds gradually. They can at no cost be ignored because we value lives not just of ours but even our non-Muslim brethrens. And one can’t hide or exempt himself/herself just because we are the ones not affected at the hand of evil mongers.

Lets not forget that lives are never to be weighed on the mere importance of financial status but lives are precious as even the Quran states:  “if any one slew a person … it would be as if he slew the whole humanity: and if any one saved a person, it would be as if he saved the whole humanity”.

Epitomizing a human life is what Islam teaches us, irrespective of the individuals cast, creed color or even nationality.

Our society has been hijacked by several dimensions and prompt changes are to be implemented. We are to dig these heinous acts deep and butcher their roots. For they will keep on tarnishing our status our integrity. We the descendents of Muhammad (PBUH) –the noblest of all- have the uber responsibility on our shoulders to impart his message of kindness and humanism.

The act of rendering and bringing justice is no easy in a society. But we as the youth need to be aware of even the slightest mishap that occurs in our country. Let’s start with the area we live, the society we are a part of and then gradually getting bigger in dimensions at least catering the most immediate possible services to our society.

When we claim to be the game changers of our society we ought to look deep into every uprising issue of our country. When we claim to take in the powers residing at the hands of the status quo we are to assure our selves that we are aware of what goes in and our country. For who is being unjustly treated and who needs justice. Just expressing grieves concern with a slight nod, or engaging in fury discussion within our bedrooms are no potential measures.

Let’s step out, for”the actual life begins at the end of our comfort zones.



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 Media’s rapid outgrowth in today’s world outweighs that of any. It wouldn’t be wrong, I reckon, if we label it as a cultural canvas that has and is influencing our people. Invading a country in physical terms might not be that harmful as when minds are invaded mentally, for physical invasion after a certain period of time wipes of itself but when cloaks over shadow a psyche it nearly gets impossible to wipe the dirt off.

Our country is the one suffering these heinous invasions at the hands of our neighboring country. Of interest, it’s not just them but our gate keepers that assures a successful transaction of their culture into our homes and their to our minds. The cultural invasion of India in soaring heights in our very own country. Ranging from the product placement to TV serials to reality shows to animated cartoons. The idea behind these varied genres of programs makes one watch if not all then any one of it, there by ensuring a wide audience range, in a country where almost all age groups thrives and fetches onto a program somewhat different to that of theirs.

Indian media as we all know is to a great extent a living embodiment of their religious, cultural and spiritual rituals not even a single serial is shown without any of these. The cultural invasion, sadly, is met with great enthusiasm in Pakistan where they overshadow our advertisements by telecasting theirs. Such fierce is their cultural penetration into ours.

Pakistani culture never witnessed such an era where an entire family saw intimate scenes or obscenity with the rest of their family, even a girl without duppata was overlooked in search of other more appropriate channel, but now with their dense cultural invasion into ours actresses wearing sleeveless, tan tops minis are graciously welcomed in our society in an attempt to meet the requirements of modern era or else people are labeled as too backward.

As young minds are easy to transform and mould, they target our children with their young religious caricatures. Eg. Choota beam, Hanuman two eminent cartoons seen by nearly half of our country’s children- depicts the lives of their Gods sons where they are shown practicing their hindu rituals and attains spirituality and super powers. To one’s amusement the cartoons hold such a huge impact on our children that they are seen imitating the same rituals and meet each other with hands enjoined as a gesture of goodwill as seen in Hindu culture.

bollywood since as long as one can remember has over shadowed our industry. statement is clearly depicted by the fact when our people run to see their movies forming long queues despite of its inhumane content against our cultural norms and make sure he/she doesn’t miss it. The cultural invasion can be measured in terms of their events gradually becoming a part of ours like valentines, Halloween parties, holii (where colors are smashed onto one another) have become a part of our culture and is seen as a growing trend in large among our youth.

Their usages of slang words have even tarnished the politeness and simplicity of our language as one intently ought to speak theirs to compete with their peers.

Indian dramas with their growing profundity in Pakistan are seen eradicating our cultural norms and bringing on theirs. Ironically, compounding their efforts is our very own media strengthening their roots in ours by telecasting an abundant of their soaps nearly the entire week. Dramas such as achey lagtey hain, pariwaar, qubool hey,being at the top charts with favorable amount of viewers ship from our audience.

With every Indian serial come their never ending ritual, and sadly one witness’s sounds of Indian hymns reverberating into every house hold.

In our country where billboards once showcased Islamic verses, motivational sayings or our own celebrity’s endorsing brands have now been replaced by massive Indian celebrities manifesting products, advertisements.

On the contrary when one part of the subcontinent enthusiastically welcomes the content of their rivals, India on the other hand have implied strict rules regarding depiction of Pakistan content onto their TV channels. It was once in August 2009, Indian daily The Asian Age had reported that the Indian government banned Pakistani TV channels in India and it was also planning to establish high-frequency transmitters and towers in the bordering areas to stop transmission of Pakistani programs. Such is the case when it comes to broadcasting our dramas in their land. It is either we all have to stand or pass laws regarding the broadcast of there dramas or else this cultural invasion of theirs into our minds will result in a perpetual threat to our norms and values.


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I scratch your back you scratch mine, a pretty organized game being played between the International Cricket council (ICC) and The Board of Control for Cricket India (BCCI) from the past 5-6 years. Ironically, the sweat of contenders is always soaked upon the Pakistani counterparts, who are caught and battered for no reason.Image


The ICC masters the art of dealing cricket issues, but sadly goes too calm and polite when it comes to revealing the Indian scandals and players’ intentional malfunctioning within the stadium’s premises. On the contrary goes too insensitive over the green shirts. The incident despite two years of its occurrence hasn’t stale for the audience when Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Asif and Salman Butt were caught red handed some where around London and were ridiculed around the globe for the alleged involvement with the spot fixers. The unpleasant episode came as a jaw dropping incident for the entire nation and every passer by seemed awe- struck.

One might be in a phase of healing the past wounds, and atoning of the sins committed, and ICC comes up with an added allegation with every successive year onto the greens. The ball tampering incident, syed ajmal’s bowling action and the list goes on, were probed by the ICC and served to the media critics for a full fledge postmortem of the issue. The channels stood with wide chests and raised eye brows for the exclusivity of tarnishing Pakistan’s image with critics. Pakitani media never did leave itself behind and were one among the ridiculers, after all it’s all about ratings that make for the bread and butter of the media personals, and their own country’s integrity means nothing when it comes to business and making money out of it.

Indian Premier League (IPL) one of the biggest cricket events held across India and tends to grow more grand and glamorous with every year is now labeled as a living embodiment of corruption. The organizers who were adamant about it being fair and sound, all the poise was strewn to sand when their players were involved in match fixing. Effigies of Shresanth and two others from Rajasthan royals were burnt ferociously by their Indian fans with raged criticism for spoiling their country’s image world wide. To people it more came as amazement than a shock for it didn’t come to their wildest imagination the Indian media and the ICC shredding their players’ integrity publicly. A news people longed for and took it as a revenge for their past accusations onto their own players.

The ICC epitomizes itself for its speedy and rapid investigation over the players malfunctioning irrespective of their nationalities but it’s been more than a couple of days the issues seems stagnant and ICC or the Indian police gives the impression of being too helpless to look for evidences.


This intimidating incident has included the Indian flock into the ICC’s scrutiny after all it’s just the green shirts that has faced the tyranny.


What ever happens-happens for good a popular proverb taught to people living in an unpredictable country like Pakistan where one never knows what the next moment has to offer the individual with this they forgo the mishaps and some similar incident was seen few years ago when the Pakistani players were snubbed from IPL. Thanks to the Almighty we don’t own any of the potential players currently playing in IPL for if, God forbid, either of the charged players would have been a Pakistani, not just him but us and his generations to come would have to suffer the disgrace and the rest would have escaped from the scene with some cloak aided by the ICC- their partners in crime.


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A journalist today has a lot to cover. Yes! This a lot statement hides in it a wide plethora of events ranging from what goes in our everyday lives to the on goings of the corporate world  to the country’s ups and downs and all what that keeps a country going. This is all what makes a journalist’s mind a stream of events. 


Gone are the days when journalists were assumed as those carrying out a 9-5 job because neither the happening was much and thus not much got covered? A journalist is not just a mere worker that pens down events onto a white paper but a social athlete that keeps his mind and body active than others along with the hawk eye view scrutinizing even the slightest of events. He absorbs the events systematically, analyses them and paints the canvas of news paper with his shade of colorful events.


But life of a journalist where on one end seems so versatile, on the other hand faces the threats at the cost of their profession. Today if a journalist is strong enough to penetrate even to the minutest mishaps going around, at the same time he faces deadly consequences when exposes the evil and the evil doers.


Quite the contrary, a journalist never confines himself when facing such consequences. Because he assumes itself one of the most potential sources in town that aware its people.


Considering Pakistan specifically, it has been listed as the second most dangerous country for journalists, where a large number of serving journalists were put to death at the cost of exposing reality.


A journalist indeed carries the risk of his death every second in our country. But according to me they stand at the highest level of respect as without them we would have never been able to know what was actually going outside our house premises.


Is our education system modern as well as practical enough to eliminate unemployment, and thus poverty?

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”If we are to make any real, speedy and substantial progress, we must earnestly tackle this our educational policy and program on the lines suited to the genius of our people, consonant with our history and culture


Had we pondered over the following statement Pakistan would’ve now been witnessing a substantial progress in its education system. Quite the contrary the education system of Pakistan has ever since been neglected and the result is what the nation is harvesting today. Harsh negligence from the government has made it obsolete and in an era where every country strives to make its education system par excellence ours remains obsolete and tarnished.


Education has always played an integral part in fostering every individual’s growth mentally and physically but if left unattended becomes obsolete like other things do. Same is the condition our education system has been witnessing from a couple of decades.  The substandard governance and lack of revision keeps it far beyond modernism that automatically doesn’t make it practical enough to make us student run parallel with other international students in this fast paced world.


Every forgoing process in a country is a result of its domain. Currently Pakistan faces a severe set back in its employment sector that has soared levels of poverty in our state. Problem related to poverty and unemployment mushrooms from the very root cause when education is not catered among every native of a country. As a result the deprival of education in nearly 80% of Pakistanis clearly indicates that this aspect is barely bothered by the implementing authorities.


In our country the education level is distributed among five divisions i.e. primary, middle, high schooling, intermediate and university education. Mournfully none of them receives its share of importance. Our government allots 2.5% of it total budget for the education sector as a result the money allotted to it fails to meet the needs of any level.


There are a large number of schools found in Pakistan. But a large number of them are based upon 2-3 buildings with numerous children stuffed in every section of every class. The teacher in turn fails to pay importance to their students in particular. It is in these initial days cognitive, social and emotional developments begin to form roots in a child. These deficiencies are exposed in the latter period of a student’s life that results in shy and uncompetitive students. A student already deprived of basic psychological needs when enters the middle and high school is exposed to books written decades ago. Regretfully the students are enforced to waste their potential studying and learning the matter contained. The same phenomenon is continued till the intermediate level. Further more, since the examination questions are selected solely from the text books this enforces the students for rote learning thereby preventing them going through other subject related books or surfing on the net. This might prove detrimental for our students because when a mind stops learning facts meaningfully it stops asking questioning and eventually stops learning and thinking rationally.


Our education syllabus seems to be poorly designed and provides students with limited variety when it comes to opting subjects during high school examinations. This limits every student’s thinking capabilities to subjects like physics, chemistry, biology and computer sciences. As a result their mind finds it difficult to adjust to abrupt changes when choosing subjects at university levels.


The poor examination conductance and poor invigilation by the teachers have worsened the situations. Children belonging from strong feudal or other political background by their unlawful sources makes cheating common and moreover the quota system have over shadowed the potential of well deserving students due to such acts. Thus at the end of the day the poor, irrespective of his/her hard work fails to achieve his goal because of the system is corrupted to this great extent. More over the poor scholarship program for the well deserving students hinders many well of their rightful share to attain knowledge who are unable to afford it. Apparently, in our country the sole cause of such deteriorating education system is the power of money that has ruined many careers.


The standard universities in our countries are either too expensive to afford for a normal middle class man or too ill standardized that after getting admitted in it one feels their money is going in vane.


Issuing fake degrees, a trend every aware of, to our leaders and those governing us clearly depicts the helplessness of our education system. A very famous news were reported when PM Gillani’s son Moosa Gilani was found having a fake B.A. degree. Such an education system that stands no determinism on the hands of powerful people rules out any chance of curbing unemployment thus poverty.


In a society where unlawful earnings soar heights and system functions on the say of the rich here education fails to curb any kind of poverty or employment related issues.


Considering all the above opinions facts and figures our education system is deeply flawed from its root levels as a result it has mushroomed into a further weak system that stands no parallel with other education system of other countries. Moreover it has been further tarnished by the lack of governance. The countries that gained independence after Pakistan are abreast us due to their strong education system.


Our education system can be altered only if the budget is elevated from 2% to 10%. Only then can each level be given its due share. The teachers can then be given proper salaries that will retain their interest in teaching students. If the reparation is done right from the grass root level then we can reassure ourselves for a stiff education system which will produce competent and aspiring students.

5 typical questions you will be asked if you live in Pakistan..

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It was on the 2nd of July 2005 when we finally flew to Karachi to now continue our living here.In the beginning every thing seemed weird..The constant question that continued pricking my immature mind was how am I going to settle in such a place where hardly any rooms supported air conditioned..where every morning you are awaken by loud harsh voices of the vegetable sellers but the clock alarms..

awed,by the lifestyles of the karachiites.It was difficult to digest the fact that this was the very place where some or the other way we had to get adjusted..As the time passed we found ourselves being comfortably embedded in this I have come to love the merits and demerits of this place.

Surprisingly, In my recent trip to Dubai i noticed how people bombard us with absurd question which literally amused me.To them living on Mars feels easier than living in Pakistan.

1- How do you even afford to live in a danger zone like Karachi..??

excuse me..if you are a Pakistani I have the right to dart the same question upon you.Where does the ‘Danger Zone’ tags flow away when you make a trip here on your vacations .. does your arrival makes it a less dangerous one.

2-How do you even dare to step out in a city where abduction and kidnapping are so common..?

oh,common ..bad times never send you an invitee before their arrival.These mishaps are now common all across the globe.If you want to know how we treat them, like any normal girl living anywhere in the world we make sure to escort some adult with us.

3-How do you people go to your universities/schools..?

Don’t worry we don’t use rockets for our transport.Like you people even we have drivers that escort us to and from the school.And our academic institutions are located in the suburbs of Karachi.And we hardly come to know what goes around as long as we are within the premises and mostly try to avoid discussing such issues and enjoy..

4-Do you people even go out.?

Are you serious..we ain’t aliens.And no single creature alive can live without socializing.I bet no people can compete the ones residing in  Karachi when it comes to hanging out and making most out of it.The city of lights stands a unique charm.We roam about with our families freely.No single person I think misses even the slightest chance to let their weekend go away.

5-How do you even tolerate standing on those dirty pan-spat foot paths ..?
To add to your knowledge they doesn’t always remain wet.And there stands no point in raising such questions.When we ourselves are responsible for such untidiness ..why to raise fingers over the illiterate when the literate ones us assume that whole of the Karachi is a dustbin..and are seen throwing wrappers or garbage wherever we feel like..

My pain scale shoots to ten when Pakistani’s living abroad submerged in the facilities they are being provided there compares their lifestyles to those living in here.If we are not catered with the same luxuries as they are this doesn’t in any aspect make our lives less important than theirs.Ironically, for them Pakistan is only an issue to be debated upon when it comes to politics.Criticising it turns out to be the best time pass ever.

i to a greater extent agree that these bulks of garbage have completely distorted Karachi’s image.But nothing’s going to change unless we change ourselves,our perception,and make our home town as beautiful as before.But if we think it’s not our job,then we are the real culprits responsible for this perpetual stench.