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Media today can certainly be labeled as too intrusive as to decide our children’s waist length. Likewise the TV commercials have proved their viability when one becomes irresistible to any tempting food beverage advertises and at the end of the day we see long queues at every eatery outlet be it be it any of the popular fast food chain or a mini burger shop located at your nearest fast food hub.

It is not just those burger ads with oozing cheese and pepperoni like mouth watering ingredients that reinforces one to get to the restaurants in the shortest possible time but those over sized soft drinks  which describes your meal an incomplete package of main course if any one ought to miss those.


Compounding to one’s obesity the chocolates and our very famous desi sweets lets not forget those lumps of mithai dipped in thick sugary syrups stimulate our taste buds further. When one gets to decide their entire meal with a single press on a button they hardly bother to stand up and cook something for them selves. Instead they make a phone call and order meal, in all converting the very virtual ad into stacks of packed meals, within fraction of seconds.



Their magnetic influence never ceases to amuse us but the adverse affects these advertisements are having on us and our children is a matter of growing concern. Because now days the children instead of getting taller are growing wider. This widened plump not just hinders their physical movement but hampers their mental abilities. In such a way that most of their time gets consumed pondering over what to eat and what not. They are now becoming food centric and more prone to becoming slugs.


Now days it’s not just the video games that glues children to their seats but also their never ending priority list of food eatables which is seen highly soaring with the growing number of food commercials. This has entangled our youth in such a bewildering fanaticism of food mania that nothing seems more appealing to them other than plan how to stuff their every growing bellies.


These obesity related problems are giving rise to acute as well as chronic ailments when weakens ones immune system. This automatically makes children vulnerable to diseases.


Nevertheless, parents in their way of expressing love tend to buy more such food for their children but the actual problem arises when the same parent realizes that their child’s clothes are no more available in normal shops, instead they serve hours looking for those XXL for their tiny toots. Changing their entire wardrobe every month. And so here it is another dilemma at our doorstep.