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There’s more to life than stuffing ones face with puffs of makeup and blushers. Quite the contrary our media is seen heavily emphasizing on the facial looks, that they go to the extent as to say that only those with fair complexions can conquers any battle be it passing an interview exam or fulfilling the matrimonial requirements.

Such advertisements even if avoided, they never seems to cease their popularity, as they directly effect one’s self esteem and particularly hits one’s conscious in some or the other way. The individual enters into a fascinating world where nothing more than getting prettier entices her.

In our society where mothers and grandmas from the onset of their daughter’s adulthood are seen taunting them about their facial complexion. The advertisements compound their criticism when they show ads where girls are seen as being left behind in a society who doesn’t apply fairness creams.

Advertisements like those of fair and lovely, Nivea’s, beauty soaps affects us psychologically by using typical societal words and a phrase that automatically makes the viewer buy their particular products; and turn into some miss worldImage