Bhoja air crash- and our journeys come to an end

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Twinkle twinkle little star
now a part of which we are

the deep sky lay up high
consoling our tears
now we share thy

our fate perished our dreams
that never existed to be seen

our families departed us with cheers
and destiny strewed all to tears

the pilot promised for a land
but never did happen as per plan

we lay at peace as a part of nature
where God has promised for a better future

Oh Almighty make us live
till the best you think


Heaven vs. Hell

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The ambiguity to choose between one
We despise the most.

Lets strive for heaven..
After all we are the contenders

The Eternal…

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Moulded from sand and given a perfect shape to an extent compounds the entire phenomena of the human creation .The perfection with which the unique features of our body have been embellished, leaves me astound and limits my imagination regarding the creator,The Almighty..


No human mind to date has been able to perceive the divinity of God.And none will ever be able to do so.This undoubtedly indicates the extent to which a normal human mind can comprehend nature.


The anticipation to know God is undoubtedly an experience every mind goes through.

The Almighty has already healed our desperate minds by providing numerous paved paths through which we can get closer to Him.

And the best of which lies in making supplications towards Him whole heartedly.

For He leaves nothing undone.