moments of dismay

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mi destiny lay within my heart
none felt but i did
the stardom kisssed my feet
was i worthy of all that happened

competing the anonymous
did more thaa my common sence dictated
lost more,than i gained
was i the real culprit
the way i was punished

i sit hallow minded
nothing left to cheer
the lamp lit high
nothing left to enlighten
but overshadowed what all i wanted..


A long time

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shall we sit.

And share some thing.

We haven’t for a long time.


Instead of arguing.

Lets get to one point

We haven’t for a long time


Lets clear the doubts within us

And bring back the old times

We haven’t for a long time


Why cant we patch up again

And solve the traumas

We haven’t for a long time

Its been decades now

Why cant we forget the past

And start moving on

We haven’t for a long time


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The jaw dropping picture of Veena’s recent photo shoot has led the entire population into dismay more than the memo gate or Nato attacks had even dreamt of. The peak of romance between Veena and the entire Pakistani population was seen when every single person alive, kept yapping about her the very day they witnessed it on tv.

Alas! once again she strewed the islamic image of her native country into sand.but surprisingly the outcry of people varied to a huge extent. some labeled it as her versatility which itself simplifies that an artist stands no parameters when it comes to the fulfillment of his/her passion. few encouraged her of deviating the people’s concern from the memo gate conspiracy that has been disturbing everyone from the past few weeks. despite the fact anyone hardly has even understood it.the other lot was badly outraged that how one could stoop so low to make herself famous.the gloom was seen among a vast majority that still insist the Pakistani government to take serious action against her. demanding them to even cancel her Pakistani nationality and drag her to india
The already frustrated people of pakistan were still trying to cope with the humiliation they faced when the famous trio belonging to their international cricket family got accused of being involved in match fixing controversy.this clearly depicts her inhumane nature when targeting the already wounded people with such a stunt that came as a shock to the whole nation.

To me it came as a retaliation from her in return for what all she had to undergo at her return to Pakistan from the Indian reality show bigboss.the harsh roar from every corner of her native country despaired her to a great extent.she desperately waited and summoned up what worst she could give in  reply that should be remembered for ages by the people who doesn’t  recognize her worth.

The people of pakistan are seen greatly dispersed when it comes to criticizing. the learned ones at least have a crystal clear mindset how to take such traumas when it comes to protecting the country’s integrity.

and the journey begins..

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feels great to be a part of blogspot..
writing to me has always been a passion… so here i am to share my thoughts..
stay tuned to get to know things the way i perceive  them..
..hope you all have a great time going through my work!

Hello world!

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