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A journalist today has a lot to cover. Yes! This a lot statement hides in it a wide plethora of events ranging from what goes in our everyday lives to the on goings of the corporate world  to the country’s ups and downs and all what that keeps a country going. This is all what makes a journalist’s mind a stream of events. 


Gone are the days when journalists were assumed as those carrying out a 9-5 job because neither the happening was much and thus not much got covered? A journalist is not just a mere worker that pens down events onto a white paper but a social athlete that keeps his mind and body active than others along with the hawk eye view scrutinizing even the slightest of events. He absorbs the events systematically, analyses them and paints the canvas of news paper with his shade of colorful events.


But life of a journalist where on one end seems so versatile, on the other hand faces the threats at the cost of their profession. Today if a journalist is strong enough to penetrate even to the minutest mishaps going around, at the same time he faces deadly consequences when exposes the evil and the evil doers.


Quite the contrary, a journalist never confines himself when facing such consequences. Because he assumes itself one of the most potential sources in town that aware its people.


Considering Pakistan specifically, it has been listed as the second most dangerous country for journalists, where a large number of serving journalists were put to death at the cost of exposing reality.


A journalist indeed carries the risk of his death every second in our country. But according to me they stand at the highest level of respect as without them we would have never been able to know what was actually going outside our house premises.



Earth Quake 2013

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aaj aae yaad mujhey roz-e-qayamat ki
jab jhanjoora gaya mayrey a’a-maal ko 

sab sey aagey barh jaun yeh sooch mujhey chalate
aaj apna he koi amal baaqe na thaa zikar karney ko

chand lamho main he dil ne yaad keya os rab-e-kainaat ko
jisey sajdey main dhoondh ti thee har namaaz main

hun Khuda sey milney ko taiyaar ya ab bhi duniya bananey main hu masroof
batlaya mujhey chand lamho nay aaj

aaj aaye yaad mujhey roz-e-qayamat ki
jab jhanjoora gaya meyrey a’aa maal ko



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There’s more to life than stuffing ones face with puffs of makeup and blushers. Quite the contrary our media is seen heavily emphasizing on the facial looks, that they go to the extent as to say that only those with fair complexions can conquers any battle be it passing an interview exam or fulfilling the matrimonial requirements.

Such advertisements even if avoided, they never seems to cease their popularity, as they directly effect one’s self esteem and particularly hits one’s conscious in some or the other way. The individual enters into a fascinating world where nothing more than getting prettier entices her.

In our society where mothers and grandmas from the onset of their daughter’s adulthood are seen taunting them about their facial complexion. The advertisements compound their criticism when they show ads where girls are seen as being left behind in a society who doesn’t apply fairness creams.

Advertisements like those of fair and lovely, Nivea’s, beauty soaps affects us psychologically by using typical societal words and a phrase that automatically makes the viewer buy their particular products; and turn into some miss worldImage

Is our education system modern as well as practical enough to eliminate unemployment, and thus poverty?

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”If we are to make any real, speedy and substantial progress, we must earnestly tackle this our educational policy and program on the lines suited to the genius of our people, consonant with our history and culture


Had we pondered over the following statement Pakistan would’ve now been witnessing a substantial progress in its education system. Quite the contrary the education system of Pakistan has ever since been neglected and the result is what the nation is harvesting today. Harsh negligence from the government has made it obsolete and in an era where every country strives to make its education system par excellence ours remains obsolete and tarnished.


Education has always played an integral part in fostering every individual’s growth mentally and physically but if left unattended becomes obsolete like other things do. Same is the condition our education system has been witnessing from a couple of decades.  The substandard governance and lack of revision keeps it far beyond modernism that automatically doesn’t make it practical enough to make us student run parallel with other international students in this fast paced world.


Every forgoing process in a country is a result of its domain. Currently Pakistan faces a severe set back in its employment sector that has soared levels of poverty in our state. Problem related to poverty and unemployment mushrooms from the very root cause when education is not catered among every native of a country. As a result the deprival of education in nearly 80% of Pakistanis clearly indicates that this aspect is barely bothered by the implementing authorities.


In our country the education level is distributed among five divisions i.e. primary, middle, high schooling, intermediate and university education. Mournfully none of them receives its share of importance. Our government allots 2.5% of it total budget for the education sector as a result the money allotted to it fails to meet the needs of any level.


There are a large number of schools found in Pakistan. But a large number of them are based upon 2-3 buildings with numerous children stuffed in every section of every class. The teacher in turn fails to pay importance to their students in particular. It is in these initial days cognitive, social and emotional developments begin to form roots in a child. These deficiencies are exposed in the latter period of a student’s life that results in shy and uncompetitive students. A student already deprived of basic psychological needs when enters the middle and high school is exposed to books written decades ago. Regretfully the students are enforced to waste their potential studying and learning the matter contained. The same phenomenon is continued till the intermediate level. Further more, since the examination questions are selected solely from the text books this enforces the students for rote learning thereby preventing them going through other subject related books or surfing on the net. This might prove detrimental for our students because when a mind stops learning facts meaningfully it stops asking questioning and eventually stops learning and thinking rationally.


Our education syllabus seems to be poorly designed and provides students with limited variety when it comes to opting subjects during high school examinations. This limits every student’s thinking capabilities to subjects like physics, chemistry, biology and computer sciences. As a result their mind finds it difficult to adjust to abrupt changes when choosing subjects at university levels.


The poor examination conductance and poor invigilation by the teachers have worsened the situations. Children belonging from strong feudal or other political background by their unlawful sources makes cheating common and moreover the quota system have over shadowed the potential of well deserving students due to such acts. Thus at the end of the day the poor, irrespective of his/her hard work fails to achieve his goal because of the system is corrupted to this great extent. More over the poor scholarship program for the well deserving students hinders many well of their rightful share to attain knowledge who are unable to afford it. Apparently, in our country the sole cause of such deteriorating education system is the power of money that has ruined many careers.


The standard universities in our countries are either too expensive to afford for a normal middle class man or too ill standardized that after getting admitted in it one feels their money is going in vane.


Issuing fake degrees, a trend every aware of, to our leaders and those governing us clearly depicts the helplessness of our education system. A very famous news were reported when PM Gillani’s son Moosa Gilani was found having a fake B.A. degree. Such an education system that stands no determinism on the hands of powerful people rules out any chance of curbing unemployment thus poverty.


In a society where unlawful earnings soar heights and system functions on the say of the rich here education fails to curb any kind of poverty or employment related issues.


Considering all the above opinions facts and figures our education system is deeply flawed from its root levels as a result it has mushroomed into a further weak system that stands no parallel with other education system of other countries. Moreover it has been further tarnished by the lack of governance. The countries that gained independence after Pakistan are abreast us due to their strong education system.


Our education system can be altered only if the budget is elevated from 2% to 10%. Only then can each level be given its due share. The teachers can then be given proper salaries that will retain their interest in teaching students. If the reparation is done right from the grass root level then we can reassure ourselves for a stiff education system which will produce competent and aspiring students.


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Carrying the uncertainty of life on their frail shoulders lay a number of cancer affected. Those pale half shed eyes awaiting their doctors words of encouragement…and an unshakable will power to fight this daily battle until they defeat it and recover from the trauma. But its not going to be easy.

An air of resentment surrounded the room when children cried out of pain. Chemotherapy is considered one of the ordeal treatments for human beings. With every patient receiving hours of this god-awful treatment, smiles are lost somewhere. But their love for life and colours around them reinforced smiles on their faces. Blood pouches were attached to the patients’ nerve with spiral hallow tubes injecting fresh harmless blood into their circulatory system. 

Paralleling the pediatrics ward consisted of the patients awaiting diagnosis. It is a test of courage and patience for the patients. little children of different ages for whom playing and going to school like other kids is a dream. The caretakers sit hand in hand with their beloved affected. The have an integral role to play too. They face the dilemma to use their strengths and motivation through these testing times. The parents smile and look hopeful…giving hope to their children..hope for a better tomorrow. 

According to the patients, those who initiated this hospital must be angels to help the less privileged class deal with Cancer. Their commitment to their work proves their love for humanity and their efforts are truly commendable. In an era where people asks for money even for the smallest of a deed. They are selfless, paving path and assisting the sufferers to accomplish their dire need to live.

A state where 1.8million kids suffer from the fatal decease annually. This includes most people belonging to poor and low income classes. The dilemma lies when just 50% are able to make it to the hospital while the rest stay oblivious of the disease and meet their fate.

• Leukemia is the most common type of childhood cancer accounting for about 30% of all cancers in this age group
• Generally 85,000 people die of cancer every year in Pakistan and children who are suffering from blood cancer approximately 70 out of 100 of them die every year.

• The causes behind such magnitude of the problem include poverty, lack of awareness about the disease, and paucity of diagnostic centres in government hospitals, they said.
• Infection is the major cause of mortality in ALL patients in our study population. To improve survival it is imperative to improve supportive care especially prevention and management of infection.


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In the spirit of celebrating women’s day, the Defence Authority College  For women organized a commendable 2 hour long event commemorating the achievements of  women –an event that reflected positivism, art and creativity.


Compounding the women’s day celebrations with the oath taking ceremony further sensitized the event as handing over the responsibility to the newly elected council members reflected the sheer responsibility and determinism a girl can handle.


The event commenced with Hafeza Lareb’s recital of holy Quranic verse along with its translation in Urdu and Holy Prophet (PBUH)’s saying regarding women’s status and prominence in an Islamic society. Rabia Akhter furthered the event with her mesmerizing vocals when recited the Naat.


“We ought to realize the position of women in our society, and if we are to truly bring a change in the lives of women we need to move a few steps ahead of the festivities of women’s day ,because sadly many of our country’s women are totally oblivion to their status in society and women hood. This will add to the first steps of women empowerment in our country”, said ma’am xyz with her energetic start for the event.


Miss Maleha faisal CEO / EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of Artistic Denim Mills added grace to the event with her charismatic presence as the chief guest to the event. Her arrival was met whole heartedly with a standing ovation by the student audience.


In all four students from different faculties of the college contributed liveliness to the event with their speeches highlighting their perspectives regarding womens day and stimulated every mind to actually ponder over the cause and how to make our statuses in the society more compelling in the current circumstances of our country.


Hiba Rasheed and Asma Adnan one after the other with their captivating skills rendered their ideas to the audience. The former emphasized the basic motto of celebrating women’s day and how we can always keep ourselves ahead of others by ignoring the demoralizing situations of the country she strengthened her argument with Rumi’s quote while the latter saw women as the gender that always stood staunchly against any hurdles in life taking Fatima Jinnah, Margaret Thratcer, Opreh into consideration.


“Perhaps we should be brighter and bolder on such days, its heartening to see students spreading awareness about women’s day and right” said the highly ecstatic ma’am Muhaddesa Muhammed.


Sharia Jameel followed by Aqsa added their potential share to the event with their speeches in Urdu. Sharia highlighted the women’s highly elevated status in Islam and how Prophet (PBUH) appreciated the position of women as mothers, daughters, sisters and wives. On the other hand Aqsa began with Hazrat Umar (R.A)’s quote regarding women. She highlighted how women sacrificed their lives yet remained resilient.


“The competition looks tough, this will give hard time to the judges on deciding the winner”, said Sara Tanwir, one among the audience, with a smirk.


Ma’am Roohi Tayyabi, one of the organizers of the event, played a short 5minute film highlighting all the prominent women from the Islamic century onwards to date.

There was Hazrat Khadija- first women who converted to Islam, Hazrat Ayesha(R.A), Hazrat Fathima (R.A.)-Prophet (Pbuh)’s beloved daughter, Madam Nur Jehan veteran vocalist, Razia Sulatan known for her bravery,Chand bibi, Amjad, Noor us saba, Begum Shaista, Fathima Jinnah, Begum Rana liaquat, Benazir Bhutto, Begum Akram Khatoon, Ms. Bilquis Edhi, Maliha Lodhi, and Sharmeen Obaid  Chinoy and Last but not the least Ms. Farhat Agha our very own principal known for her highly reputable personality.


Then a 7 minute long video was played, that comprehensively explained the entire election process, from the campaigns to the voting and then counting. The audience participated with their laughter and applauds. At the end it thanked the teachers who worked tirelessly making the elections a hit.


Welcoming the chief guest, parents and the audiences Dr. Farhat Agha whole heartedly addressed the event, “we the women should be aware of our rights and abilities at the same time. And being educated we must posses the highest sense of responsibility”, she said. “DHA has always maintained its policy of conducting free and fair elections and we proudly impart education thereby giving out productive citizens”, she further added and congratulated the newly elected council members.


The council members were handed over with their badges by the chief guest.


Zahra Rafi-former president of DCW’s council (2012-2013) was invited to the stage to hand over the presidency to Haya Shah. “I congratulate the new council member and its heartening to pass on the leadership to my successors, nothing would have been possible without the teachers’ and the principal’s support who have made DCW an eminent college of Karachi”, she added.


Maleha Faisal was at the end invited to the stage to address students with her achievements to foster to the students’ talents. “contrary to the stereotype we women withstand passionately with our male counterparts, we are the master minds, in this era of women empowerment the current CEO of Pepsi and face book are females which shows nothing can over shadow our self esteem to soar heights”, she added exuberantly.

“I further dream to work harder, and there’s never an end to growing ideas, it keeps sprouting”, she further added leaving the young student ponder over their talents.


In the end the principal handed over a shield to the chief guest. And student participants were handed over the certificates of appreciation. Where Hiba and Shania topped the charts and Aqsa and Asma scored second. The event ended with a combined photograph of the principal, chief guest and the council members.



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Making this year as eventful as a year can be, the all Karachi bilingual declamation contest marked Defence DegreeCollege’s commencement for their very first potential event of 2013 that nevertheless served as an ideal platform for facilitating an exchange of ideas among the student fraternity.

The active participants mesmerized the student audience with their vibrant oratory skills. The declamation competition was uniformly split into two sessions where English speakers depicted their skills at first and was followed by the Urdu ones.

A paired student body from every university represented their institutes which included DA public school, PAF KIET, NUST and DA SKBZCollege.

The English session required students to speak up their skills and opinions on ‘money makes the world go round’, where Tooba khan, Myra Arshad and Raja Hamza was seen disgracing the value of money for how it had dominated our lives and is seen topping our priority lists. Quite the contrary Areeb Ahmed and Talha Saleem acknowledged the value of money and saw it as a catalyst to success if used in an acceptable manner.

“The students withholds in them a great manner of competitiveness compounded with confidence and strength, they have in them all the required ingredients to pursue their future as public speakers”, exclaimed the emotionally overwhelmed Summiya Malik, a former student of DHADegreeCollege and headed the judging department for English speakers.

Compounding her appreciations, she acknowledged the wide representation of attendees as responsive and well organized.

The English session was shortly followed by the Urdu speakers, where the energetic young speakers possessed exuberant skills over the topic ‘Aik taaza hawa chali hey’ excerpted from Nasir Kazmi’s popular poem.

A brief session was dedicated to Nasir Kazmi’s precious work and the auditorium commemorated his share in Urdu literature.

Every eloquent speaker tried convincing the audience with their perspectives.

“The opportunity to meet and witness students of our age with so much to learn from their skill is terribly exciting”, said Maria Siddiqui, one from among the student audience.

Mansoora Naseem, Fahd Suleh, Rida Zulfiqar, was seen oppressing the topic with sheer hope of betterment in our country. On the contrary, Aleema Mohammed, Mansoora Naseem,Ahsen Taher, Syeda Umme Aimen,Aimen Zafar, Taimur Ali and Tanzeela Riaz favored the topic and perceived the ongoing conditions would come to a halt and saw rays of hope. The passion elicited by the speakers reinforced loud applause and words of admiration from the audiences.

Earlier Dr. Farhat Agha welcomed the guests and admired DCW’s efforts in conducting such an event that nurtured the students’ capabilities and provided intellectually simulative atmosphere to students of various colleges.

Ms. Ameena Syed, the managing director of oxford university press was the chief guest and her presence was witnessed with great zeal and warmth by the students. She lauded the versatility and classic talent exhibited by the students.

“I have witnessed numerous students speaking publicly from different parts of the world, but Pakistan students have in them an unparallel charisma that stands no parallel”, said Agha Masood,a veteran columnist, and also a chief guest to the competition. Ms. Muneera Farazi added words of encouragement for her part, and gifted some precious advice to the students.

In the English Declamation Contest Nabiha Zeeshan of PAF KIET grabbed the first position, Rafah Shaheed of DA Public School (O&A Levels) was declared second while Talha Saleem of Behria College Karsaz won the third position.

In the Urdu Declamation first position was won by Syed Umme Aymen of NUST, Muhammad Fahad Saleh of DA SKBZCollege got the second position while Ali Muhammad of PAF KIET was declared third. Overall trophy of the Declamation Contest was given to PAF KIET.

In the end the chief guests awarded the competitors with shields and certificates that was seen as great confidence and morale boosting measure for all the participants.