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Going through my friends’ statuses on social media I came across many similar statues, where uploading friends’ pictures they were tagged as “My unofficial family,” the other tagged them as “my friends come foremost, rest are others”. Were these so unlikely to catch your attention, no they weren’t. But if you contemplate they actually are. Being students, office workers and/or even free lancers we spend half of the day outside our houses premises, if otherwise at homes a free lancer is glued to the virtual world busy submitting work that makes their presence as unlikely as others. And outside, one utterly needs friends to make life and work both manageable with team work. Friends absolutely cover and cater an integral part of our emotional life and every one has got to keep one so as to offer us the best of emotional decadence. We ought to value them for they are precious in terms of our relations with them. But when we enter onto a state where we value a relation more than others is where the dilemma begins. In Pakistan our cultural hierarchy begins with prioritizing the parents and immediate family members at the top, our blood relatives next and the extended family and so on and so forth. The irony today has begun when the children today have rearranged the hierarchy with the scanty awareness they have. Slumber parties, brunches, get-togethers with friends are seen highly prevailing in our culture. On the contrary abandoning or missing a close relative wedding, parties or family fests are going parallel to them. Intermingling more with acquaintances, narrating them each and every of their house hole matters. On one hand Sharing secrets, feelings and adventurous plans with the friends and on the other hand hiding everything from the family brings in dreadful repercussions to the family and the society as well. This can be judged with the increasing number of juvenile delinquents in our society. A friend, who is a one sided listener, is vulnerable to giving their friends the solutions that work best for them irrespective of the aftermath it will have. No matter how old they grow, their experience always remains less than that of one’s parent. A place that was to be given to your elder sister or brother is the one your friends’ enjoy. Defying the family values the children fail to recognize the importance and obligations of their parents and guardians. And unconsciously begin with overpowering the commands and orders they ought to obey set forth by their parents. Quarrelling with parents, placing their friends’ verdict more that them has weakened the parent bond child too. One incident I clearly remember and serve as a reminiscent for me and my family when we see such children, we were invited to our relatives’ house for some dinner party, and their only child who used to play with us for hours, that day entered the room for the sole purpose of getting her bag from the drawer. With a slight beam on face she greeted me and my sisters distance away and hurriedly rushed to her room for she with her friends was having a group chat on the social media, defying her mothers orders to sit with us and the other guests she kept herself locked in the room enjoying chatting with the friends. The same girl who valued cousins more before now signified the friends more than us. Unconsciously following a culture that prevails in the west, where sadly no relations are valued or even respected. Their life revolves around partying with friends, getting trapped in immoral attitudes and at the end either die in vain or a life wasted. Their agony in relationships can be judged when parents wait for their children to turn 18 so that they can leave the house and start living on their own independently. One in Pakistan can’t even imagine leaving their children as such. But one has to take utmost care in raising, with passing them not the knowledge we were granted with by our parents we are making them more vulnerable to loosing the precious family values.



    Maaz said:
    March 27, 2014 at 10:41 pm

    Love the article, and sadly true. 😦

    writerphobic said:
    April 11, 2014 at 2:26 am

    Love this. It is true that our generation .. The millennials ..we have a different sense of what relationships actually are. I think the younger folks are even more confused about these issues. Following the west has become such a norm.. Speaking/ dressing and even trying to poop like them loll. Its definitely a weirder world out there in the brown society.

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