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Karachi’s shutdown strike
 | 28th March, 2012

THIS is apropos of ‘Karachi observes complete shutdown’ (March 17). The so-called shutter-down strike observed recently sadly didn’t have any outcome like the previous ones.

Another potential day was wasted by the residents as none dared to step out of their houses for the fear of encountering with any unexpected chaotic movement.

The object of the strike remained unachieved as the city police didn’t cooperate with the traders. To an extent, the political parties voiced their concern regarding the issue, but, as history speaks, this strike like all others will once again go unnoticed. The closure of CNG stations added up to people’s miseries, as this further restrained them from carrying out any outdoor work.

Once again students suffered as their papers were postponed.

These strikes are a common feature in our country. They have become a nuisance for the people residing in Karachi. They confine us within our homes for fear of the unexpected.

I request the political parties to ponder over the matter and abide by their agenda of what they call a “peaceful rally” without limiting any of us from our academic as well as office works.




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