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Making this year as eventful as a year can be, the all Karachi bilingual declamation contest marked Defence DegreeCollege’s commencement for their very first potential event of 2013 that nevertheless served as an ideal platform for facilitating an exchange of ideas among the student fraternity.

The active participants mesmerized the student audience with their vibrant oratory skills. The declamation competition was uniformly split into two sessions where English speakers depicted their skills at first and was followed by the Urdu ones.

A paired student body from every university represented their institutes which included DA public school, PAF KIET, NUST and DA SKBZCollege.

The English session required students to speak up their skills and opinions on ‘money makes the world go round’, where Tooba khan, Myra Arshad and Raja Hamza was seen disgracing the value of money for how it had dominated our lives and is seen topping our priority lists. Quite the contrary Areeb Ahmed and Talha Saleem acknowledged the value of money and saw it as a catalyst to success if used in an acceptable manner.

“The students withholds in them a great manner of competitiveness compounded with confidence and strength, they have in them all the required ingredients to pursue their future as public speakers”, exclaimed the emotionally overwhelmed Summiya Malik, a former student of DHADegreeCollege and headed the judging department for English speakers.

Compounding her appreciations, she acknowledged the wide representation of attendees as responsive and well organized.

The English session was shortly followed by the Urdu speakers, where the energetic young speakers possessed exuberant skills over the topic ‘Aik taaza hawa chali hey’ excerpted from Nasir Kazmi’s popular poem.

A brief session was dedicated to Nasir Kazmi’s precious work and the auditorium commemorated his share in Urdu literature.

Every eloquent speaker tried convincing the audience with their perspectives.

“The opportunity to meet and witness students of our age with so much to learn from their skill is terribly exciting”, said Maria Siddiqui, one from among the student audience.

Mansoora Naseem, Fahd Suleh, Rida Zulfiqar, was seen oppressing the topic with sheer hope of betterment in our country. On the contrary, Aleema Mohammed, Mansoora Naseem,Ahsen Taher, Syeda Umme Aimen,Aimen Zafar, Taimur Ali and Tanzeela Riaz favored the topic and perceived the ongoing conditions would come to a halt and saw rays of hope. The passion elicited by the speakers reinforced loud applause and words of admiration from the audiences.

Earlier Dr. Farhat Agha welcomed the guests and admired DCW’s efforts in conducting such an event that nurtured the students’ capabilities and provided intellectually simulative atmosphere to students of various colleges.

Ms. Ameena Syed, the managing director of oxford university press was the chief guest and her presence was witnessed with great zeal and warmth by the students. She lauded the versatility and classic talent exhibited by the students.

“I have witnessed numerous students speaking publicly from different parts of the world, but Pakistan students have in them an unparallel charisma that stands no parallel”, said Agha Masood,a veteran columnist, and also a chief guest to the competition. Ms. Muneera Farazi added words of encouragement for her part, and gifted some precious advice to the students.

In the English Declamation Contest Nabiha Zeeshan of PAF KIET grabbed the first position, Rafah Shaheed of DA Public School (O&A Levels) was declared second while Talha Saleem of Behria College Karsaz won the third position.

In the Urdu Declamation first position was won by Syed Umme Aymen of NUST, Muhammad Fahad Saleh of DA SKBZCollege got the second position while Ali Muhammad of PAF KIET was declared third. Overall trophy of the Declamation Contest was given to PAF KIET.

In the end the chief guests awarded the competitors with shields and certificates that was seen as great confidence and morale boosting measure for all the participants.



    mahreenkashiff said:
    March 9, 2013 at 6:22 pm

    This would be a memorable account of this event…Abeera, you have great potential for spot news have a very orderly thought pattern.

      Blink responded:
      March 9, 2013 at 7:41 pm

      jazakALLah ma’aM you have always been one of my greatest source of motivation 🙂
      this is just the begining .. i want to cover loads of events .. i still make blunders -_-

    rahul raizada said:
    June 15, 2013 at 10:10 am

    Im very impressed by your report , and would appreciate if you could send me a sample of another report written by you , i would like to publish it for my newspaper.

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