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The year 2013 began as it would never end, completion of 365days seemed quite long and all flew in short span of time. People change and so do their levels of maturity, improvements if done with determination do raise to levels somewhat around perfection.


Quite the contrary this wasn’t the case as it would have been adopted by us Pakistani’s. A society that was seen more furious than before and failed to react to any happened incident in the right order, this might sound a bit blunt but trust me start evaluating and see none of us even attempted and neither rose for change.


 I fear with the growing rage and lacks of patience in people, God forbid a time would soon approach when kindness and empathy might sound as abstract words. Lethal acts of murdering and slaughtering the innocent ones were seen to soar heights. Sadly most of us enacted their participation in the mourning with a slight haw. Recently the Hazara incident covered by the media depicted our levels of viewing such heart wrenching scenes when a private TV channel on the same screen aired the Hazara protestants mourning the death of their loved ones on the other side Kareena’s latest item number grabbed the other half of the screen.


Where as, if it comes to protecting our lives our integrity even to the slightest of things we stoop low as to protect it. Commonly road incidents where at every stop we witness a passer by ridiculing the other even over a slightest scratch on his/her vehicle Shehzeb khan’s murder was no such exception, when none of those residing in their houses the premises where the young lad was fired to death didn’t even dare to step out of their homes to lend a helping hand to the martyred. Similarly Kamran Faisal’s case is no exception and clearly depicts the power of stake holders can mould the reality into what ever they want.


Carl Rogers says: ‘The only person who is educated is the one who has learn how to learn and change.’ But violators of the preceding statement were witnessed in our very own country when exhausted students violently dashed off their teachers in order to compel them to fulfill their (students’) right share in the hospitals. Regretfully the wisdom have failed to shape our rigid behaviors. Pakistani’s specifically. Surpassing any limits when it comes to fulfilling our rights.


The death toll of killed victims in our state have surged heights, estimated to be around 10,000 but where has the charisma of peaceful protest flew away. Every individual is seen to be protecting his and his family to the most when it comes to safeguarding their rights. Gone are those days when public expressed their gloom and to an extent achieved the rightful purpose of their protest not materialistically but with inner satisfaction


The difference between passion and rage has somewhat been blurred. We celebrate on the name sake of depicting love towards our country especially when it comes to celebrating the sports victories. Firing bullets aimlessly without bothering it might hit someone and over shadow their celebration. Even when celebrating the religious events we fail to reciprocate its message in our daily lives. Recently celebrations were witnessed all over the country on 12th Rabi Ul Awwal. We love rendering our respect to our Beloved Prophet Muhammad( PBUH) when his name is invoked in reverence by every Muslim individual on the auspicious occasion the day he was descended down to humanity as a man of peace and prosperity. But regretfully we disappoint him by limiting our love towards him as we confine it to our words merely for hours and fails to get them portrayed in our actions and reactions. At the end of the day our glorification to Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) gets wrapped up after the event. Commemoration as such stands to importance.


Our attitudes of celebration have been molded into acts of cruelty and this very act has confined us to words like I, Me and My family. We have limited our versions of kindness to these three English words and none of us even dare to look behind when protecting the country’s integrity once topped our priority lists.


Discussing the ongoing political scenario seems exuberating within the cozy drawing rooms under the utmost contemplation even over the slightest of matters. The way the discussion rises to peaks, the same it trickles down when the cup of coffee ends, brushing our hands we stand and let every thing go off. We are severely running out of the kinetic energy and the passion that once brought us to the roads. And made us voice our concerns and ask for not just our rights but also of our Pakistani counterparts.


Is it our selfless behavior or the current worsening situation of our country that has made havoc the only possible solution of any problem and witness acts of brutality by recording them into our mobile phones and downloading it the other day to get the highest possible viewer ship. Can we actually stoop that low for the sake of little appreciation..?

The time has come when rather than pinpointing others, we should jolt ourselves and alter our paths. Because I fear another scion of the current ruling party might come and embed us to even worse we would have imagined. Let’s strengthen ourselves for the future because the true test of a person is how they stand during the test of adversity.


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