Month: February 2013


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Hadn’t it been the topic of our discussion I would have never realized the rightful share the students of Pakistan are been deprived of.

Since as long as I can remember I have never seen any government school working to the best of its resources. World wide where attending government schools is obligatory and is considered the best way a country can reciprocate its citizens for the taxes they give; in Pakistan the case is quite the opposite. Here our government schools and colleges are worse than one can imagine. The fragile building with around hundreds of students in a class not only makes it difficult for the teacher to convey his/her lecture but also for the students to concentrate upon.

A student, the day he starts going to his school observers teacher with a microscope and seeks the teacher’s attributes a living embodiment for how to shape his personality, from moral character to ethical values. Unfortunately at present the students inherit no good character from the government school teachers. Quite the contrary being late and irregular to college, harsh and rude behavior with the students, poor and untidy dress code and lack of interest in teaching the students are the traits students learn from their teachers at present. And as a result we see short attendance, lack of passion to attain knowledge and poor moral and ethical conduct among students.

In an era where every country aspires to render the best possible education facilities to its students then why do we stand behind?

Rationally speaking, when the teachers are paid monthly of their salaries. We the students owe the right to be taught with the best moral conduct. If the situation continues to be the same what legacy will we transfer to the upcoming children of our country.