Month: January 2012

The unaccepted silence ..

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She wandered past the streets clutching her year old toddler basking repeatedly in the sun..The piercing sunlight curtained the eyes with wrinkled skin adding up the pain..

With a cursor look on every passer by she throbbed to the direction where she felt people groping her pain.Stirring the empty bottle continuously she urged people for money that would add up to her kid’s hungry stomach that starved for food..His painful cry reverberated in her mother’s mind and she paced faster to fill his the baby’s crave..

The urge to fulfill his needs strolled her all across the streets among the sprawling metropolis.Where people murmured agony pointing her and snaking hands through their cars lend some money..

Contrary to the previous one a huge lot drove aimlessly least bothered to even lend a glance..

This occupation is gaining popularity in many countries.But our society if feels this occupation to be a wrong one we should ponder over the matter and come up with a solution.Because either of our response to lend them money and of ignoring them stands no justice.In some or the other way we are promoting beggary which should now be ceased.



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