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The tsunami cruiser with his rally
Landed in Karachi valley
To the entire city’s population
Nothing felt more great than its anticipation

The spirit of his fleet
Was seen on their tweets
That highlighted the hero’s arrival
With much more than usual

The rally followers stood shoulder to shoulder
Be it someone rich or a beggar
To voice their concerns
That have been neglected since yearsImage

The enthusiasm soared high
When imran stood by
With his sincere submission
For the despaired nation

Imran’s commitment made up even the gloomiest of moods
That had been struck with corruption and loots
Sharing the people’s grief
Filled in them a sigh of relief

The charisma of Imran’s speech
Hooked the audiences like a leech
The leaders that stood as his nominations
Proved to be a great combinationImage

The cricketer turned politician
With naysayers’ great pessimism
Is all set with his mission
With the public’s motivation



How technology has changed the bed time stories.

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Its hard to say good byes..

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Gulping down his sob seemed more difficult with the passage of time.. The eye bags seemed burdened holding the¬†swallow-en¬†eye balls …The agitation of leaving his mother alone, kept pricking his mind.But the thought of a prosperous future that promised a lively living for him and his family healed the wound.Tears rolled down the cheeks as limiting them within his own self now seemed impossible..

Studying abroad in one of the eminent universities of England was not less than a dream come true.Especially for a villager like him where being a matriculate was considered of an achievement par excellence. The time ran as fast as it could

The moment to leave for the ardour journey finally arrived.

The cab stood right across the gate.Gathering his mother around his arms he escorted his mother to the door step.With a graceful kiss on his forehead she boarded his son into the vehicle..

He sat and leaned on the cab’s window.Every word uttered from her lips carried blessings for her son for a safe and sound journey.The car’s ignition marked his leave.She stood on the door step unless the taxi drove him away and became a small speck of horizon.


so true.!

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so do you agree ..??

Wedding bells ‚ô•

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Lets mark the beginning

Of  the end

Left behind

We did spent


More than happy

So am I

No more wishes

Left to ply


Our unspoken smiles

Filled the space

We longed for

In that haze


Your glance at me

Makes me shy

I tend to laugh

At the people’s wry


The affection we share

Comforts me

That I show

with my unique glee


Let the winds around

Make the time sway

So we make this moment precious

In our very special way


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The Eternal…

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Moulded from sand and given a perfect shape to an extent compounds the entire phenomena of the human creation .The perfection with which the unique features of our body have been embellished, leaves me astound and limits my imagination regarding the creator,The Almighty..


No human mind to date has been able to perceive the divinity of God.And none will ever be able to do so.This undoubtedly indicates the extent to which a normal human mind can comprehend nature.


The anticipation to know God is undoubtedly an experience every mind goes through.

The Almighty has already healed our desperate minds by providing numerous paved paths through which we can get closer to Him.

And the best of which lies in making supplications towards Him whole heartedly.

For He leaves nothing undone.

5 typical questions you will be asked if you live in Pakistan..

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It was on the 2nd of July 2005 when we finally flew to Karachi to now continue our living here.In the beginning every thing seemed weird..The constant question that continued pricking my immature mind was how am I going to settle in such a place where hardly any rooms supported air conditioned..where every morning you are awaken by loud harsh voices of the vegetable sellers but the clock alarms..

awed,by the lifestyles of the karachiites.It was difficult to digest the fact that this was the very place where some or the other way we had to get adjusted..As the time passed we found ourselves being comfortably embedded in this I have come to love the merits and demerits of this place.

Surprisingly, In my recent trip to Dubai i noticed how people bombard us with absurd question which literally amused me.To them living on Mars feels easier than living in Pakistan.

1- How do you even afford to live in a danger zone like Karachi..??

excuse me..if you are a Pakistani I have the right to dart the same question upon you.Where does the ‘Danger Zone’ tags flow away when you make a trip here on your vacations .. does your arrival makes it a less dangerous one.

2-How do you even dare to step out in a city where abduction and kidnapping are so common..?

oh,common ..bad times never send you an invitee before their arrival.These mishaps are now common all across the globe.If you want to know how we treat them, like any normal girl living anywhere in the world we make sure to escort some adult with us.

3-How do you people go to your universities/schools..?

Don’t worry we don’t use rockets for our transport.Like you people even we have drivers that escort us to and from the school.And our academic institutions are located in the suburbs of Karachi.And we hardly come to know what goes around as long as we are within the premises and mostly try to avoid discussing such issues and enjoy..

4-Do you people even go out.?

Are you serious..we ain’t aliens.And no single creature alive can live without socializing.I bet no people can compete the ones residing in ¬†Karachi when it comes to hanging out and making most out of it.The city of lights stands a unique charm.We roam about with our families freely.No single person I think misses even the slightest chance to let their weekend go away.

5-How do you even tolerate standing on those dirty pan-spat foot paths ..?
To add to your knowledge they doesn’t always remain wet.And there stands no point in raising such questions.When we ourselves are responsible for such¬†untidiness¬†..why to raise fingers over the¬†illiterate when the¬†literate¬†ones us assume that whole of the Karachi is a dustbin..and are seen throwing wrappers or garbage wherever we feel like..

My pain scale shoots to ten when Pakistani’s living abroad submerged in the facilities they are being provided there compares their lifestyles to those living in here.If we are not catered with the same luxuries as they are this doesn’t in any aspect make our lives less important than theirs.Ironically, for them Pakistan is only an issue to be debated upon when it comes to politics.Criticising it turns out to be the best time pass ever.

i to a greater extent agree that these bulks of garbage have completely distorted Karachi’s image.But nothing’s going to change unless we change ourselves,our perception,and make our home town as beautiful as before.But if we think it’s not our job,then we are the real culprits responsible for this perpetual stench.